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Garden Soil


Our landscape compost has been STA Certified by the US Composting Council, and composed of a mixture of organic waste streams. American Compost is continually working to provide the best available nutrients for grass, tress, and gardens.

Our team offers delivery and application of our compost for your projects, or individual bulk sales for your own use. 



The material to be composted is mixed at our yard in White Deer, TX. During this time, we continually monitor moisture content, temperature, and send samples for testing.



The finished compost is then run through our screening plant and bagged in single yard totes stock piled for bulk delivery.


Our landscape compost is STA Certified by the US Composting Council to give you peace of mind. We promise to always use quality labs, perform frequent testing, disclose information about our products, and follow all US Composting Council regulations. 


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